Luscious Lash Lift Eyelash Service Zen Skincare Asheville NC

Our Signature Ellebana Lash Lift Treatment enhances the look of your natural lashes and creates an instant appearance of thicker, fuller lashes with a beautiful yet natural curl. No need for eyelash extensions and the associated aftercare. We also offer an optional ultra-hydrating Keratin treatments that are essential boost of nutrition for the lashes. We have had clients who’s lashes have improved, are visibly healthier, and more voluminous from receiving our lash lifts and hydrating treatments! When coupled with our vegetable based eyelash tint service, the results of this treatment can last from 4-6 weeks and offer a low maintenance and healthy option for dark, luscious, & beautifully curled lashes.
~ Lash Lift Service: Only $65
~ Lash Tinting Add On: $20
~ Keratin Treatment Add On: $5

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