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About Zen Skincare and Waxing Studio, Inc

Krystal Davis Zen Skincare and Waxing Studio in Asheville, NC

Owner Krystal Davis, BA, LMBT, LE, found her passion in life while assisting others in achieving their health and wellness goals. She wanted to create a space where one could experience the art of healing on various levels, and in doing so she would establish Zen Skincare and Waxing Studio. An atmosphere where relaxation could be attained, self confidence could be improved, and a healthier lifestyle could emerge. Functioning as a dually licensed massage therapist and licensed esthetician, Krystal has been practicing in the Asheville area for over sixteen years now. She enjoys the diversity that these two practices entail, but loves the challenge that each discipline can bring to the table.

Zen Skincare and Waxing Studio of Asheville, NC established in 2012 specializes in body hair removal and integrative skincare technologies, such as anti-aging facials, chemical exfoliation, microdermabrasion, and specialized hair removal techniques including eyebrow wax, lip wax, face wax, back wax, leg wax, arm wax, bikini, and Brazilian wax services. As well as incorporating Eastern philosophies of ayurveda and shiatsu / accupressure practices. Our highly skilled and trained estheticians employ a variety of waxing techniques that consistently ensure the safety and comfort of clients. We invite you to Zen Skincare and Waxing Studio, a place to experience healing, relaxation and achieve skin care results!

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Our Licensed Estheticians and Body Hair Removal Experts

Kara Licensed Esthetician Zen Skincare Waxing Studio Asheville NC

Kara is a Medical Esthetician from North Carolina with over 17 years of experience in the Esthetics industry. She has always been fascinated with skin and enjoys continuously learning about new methods and breakthroughs in the industry, especially the art of anti-aging. One of her favorite things about being an esthetician is using her knowledge and passion for skin to help others improve their skin’s health, reach their skincare goals, and ultimately feel more confident in the skin they are in. When she is not working in the treatment room, she is spending time with her family, taking walks outside, and going to see the latest movies. 

Esthetics Program, McDowellTech 
Microdermabrasion Certified, McDowell Tech 
Medical Esthetician Training
Microcurrent Certified, Beautiful Image Anti-Aging 
Advanced Wax Training, Esthetician Lab
Professional Makeup Artist Certification, The Makeup Studio

Daniela Licensed Esthetician Zen Skincare Asheville NC 

Daniela has been a Licensed Esthetician since 2016. She graduated from the Institute of Lorenzo Walker in Florida. She cares about inner beauty and health as well as creating a safe and comfortable environment for each client. She loves when people feel good about themselves after wax services or a relaxing facial treatment. She specializes in quick, easy Brazilians, Brow Shaping, Tint, and Facial Treatments tailored to fit individual clients needs. Daniela is passionate about self care and helping others love the skin they are in. Schedule your complimentary skincare consultation with her to identify the treatments and enhancements that are right for you.

Shelby Licensed Esthetician Zen Skincare Waxing Studio Asheville NC

Shelby is a Licensed Esthetician who graduated in June 2022 from the Muse Cosmetic Institute. She decided to become an esthetician because of her love for supporting people to feel their best and be their most confident selves. Shelby loves the art of waxing as it instantly improves confidence and leaves the client feeling invigorated. She strives to create an inviting environment for her clients to feel comfortable and welcomed. Outside of work, you can find her watching true crime shows, cooking for her partner, walking her two dogs, and taking care of her house plants. 

Allyson Licensed Esthetician Zen Skincare Waxing Studio Asheville NC 

Allyson is a Licensed Esthetician who made the move to Hendersonville, NC from Cheraw, SC three years ago. She graduated at the beginning of 2020 from Kenneth Shuler to pursue her career in esthetics. Allyson has always had a passion for supporting others to feel beautiful and positive about themselves. She specializes in full body waxing services as she loves how waxing can give others an instant boost of confidence. Outside of work, you can catch Allyson playing with her son at the park or gardening in her yard. 

Maria Licensed Esthetician Zen Skincare Waxing Studio Asheville NC 

Maria is a Licensed Esthetician who graduated in 2020 from Century College in Puerto Rico. She was born and raised in Puerto Rico and moved to North Carolina in 2022. Maria has always been drawn to anything beauty related ever since she was young. As an esthetician, she is motivated to support others in feeling beautiful in their own skin during and after every treatment. When she is not in the treatment room, you can find her hosting a nice dinner for her family and friends, exploring the area with her partner and daughter, or on a run.

Shelby Lynn Licensed Esthetician Zen Skincare Waxing Studio Asheville NC 

Shelby Lynn is a Licensed Esthetician who graduated in 2023 from McDowell Tech. She was drawn to be an esthetician because she enjoys how the esthetics field enhances others’ natural beauty and allows for personal expression. She enjoys the art of hair removal because it is satisfying and gives others an instant boost of confidence. When she is not in the treatment room, Shelby Lynn spends time playing dinosaurs with her 2 year old son and watching Grey’s Anatomy.

We will be glad to answer any questions you have regarding our professional full body waxing services, our signature anti-aging facial services, our professional clinical skin care products, and assist with booking your appointment time that is convenient for you. You may schedule your appointment now using our Online Scheduling system or by calling us at 828-712-1079.

Live Balanced. Live Radiant. Live Smooth!™

Free Skin Consultatin at Zen Skincare in Asheville, NC

FREE Skin Consultation!

This 15-minute skincare consultation will assist your esthetician in making recommendations for appropriate skincare services that will be enable us to best address your skincare concerns and meet your personal skincare needs. Click here to view our Free Skin Consultation Page

Chemical Peel Services at Zen Skincare Waxing Studio in Asheville, NC.

Chemical Peels

Specialized exfoliation techniques, including varying active ingredients of glycolic, salicylic, lactic, Vitamin A, and powerful natural fruit enzymes penetrate the skin to exfoliate the top layer of dead skin cells. Promotes cell renewal and regeneration as well as boosting the collagen content in your skin. Chronic skin conditions such as acneic, inflamed, and sun damaged areas are treated while revealing visibly noticable healthy skin tones and clearer complexions. Click here to view our Chemical Peels Page

Microdermabrasion at Asheville NC Facial Day Spa


Microdermabrasion is a customizable mechanical exfoliation technique that can prove effective in treating fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmented, sun damaged areas of the skin, as well as eliminating clogged pores such as white heads and blackheads. This treatment works to reveal a smoother, healthy, and more youthful appearance. Organic crystals are used in the second phase of this facial treatment to further increase its effectiveness of smoothing fines lines and wrinkles. Hydrating masks and serums are gently massaged into the skin for deeper product penetration and optimal results.  Click here to view our Microdermabrasion Services Page


What our guests are saying about our services:

Wow this place is amazing! Clean and professional without being sterile. Very at home and at ease feeling. I will keep coming back to them.


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I felt so comfortable and relaxed the entire time I was there, plus the waxing was so quick and painless. I loved the results and will be returning.


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This was my first time going to Zen and also my first time being waxed. My esthetician made me feel very comfortable.  She was great and the receptionist was also very personable. Great experience!


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