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Zen Skincare Massage Therapy Services

Our massage therapists specialize in providing you with well rounded, therapeutic, and clinical massage therapy.

We look forward to meeting you, pampering you and helping you achieve a balanced and relaxed state!

Zen Skincare Massage Therapy Services

Zen Dream

Integrated massage techniques of swedish, esalen, joint mobilization, trigger point therapy, and aromatherapy are utilized to create an relaxing massage treatment that is effective and therapeutic for sore muscles and tension related disorders of the muscular system.

$90 | 60 minutes

$120 | 90 minutes

Zen Deep

A uniquely therapeutic massage treatment that utilizes firm to deep pressure applications. Myofascial and trigger point therapies are incorporated as well as gentle stretching techniques to release areas of muscle tension/spasms and chronic pain patterns. Use of hot compresses and pain-relieving gels are included as well.

$110 | 60 minutes

$140 | 90 minutes

Zen Bliss

This treatment is designed to assist in alleviating muscle tension and stress related disorders of the upper body. Focus is given to head, neck, shoulders and back areas while the therapist customizes the treatment to include hot oils, aromatherapy, warm compresses, and natural pain-relieving products infused with arnica and camphor.

$50 | 30 Minutes

$85 | 60 Minutes

Zen Structural Balancing

Sesssion begins with an assessment of your bodies alignment, posture, musculature imbalances, and discussing any pain patterns. Treatment is clinical focused bodywork using trigger point therapy, compression, friction, and deep tissue techniques to release muscle tension, lengthen shortened musculature and reduce pain patterns while providing a stress reducing therapeutic massage.

$90 | 60 minutes

$120 | 90 minutes

Zen Life

This ultra-indulgent package is developed with those in mind who just cannot commit to one spa treatment and who need to experience a little of it all. We begin the treatment with a 30-minute swedish massage that focuses attention in areas of tension and stress, inclusive of an exfoliating peppermint foot treatment. Followed by a 30-minute hydrating body wrap that drenches the skin with shea butter and nutrient rich manuka honey. While you are wrapped in a warm cacoon, your therapist incorporates a scalp massage and treatment that is infused with warm oils. To conclude the treatment, a 30-minute deep cleansing facial is performed to exfoliate dead skin cells, purify, rehydrate and lift the skin of the face and neck areas. Your senses are renewed and the spirit is awakened with this blissful treatment.

$155 | 90 Minutes

Zen Thai

Northern style, Nuat-Boran, Thai Massage techniques are practiced in this treatment. Includes use of pressure point, muscle stretching and compression, which are incorporated with the movement of gentle rocking. The therapist may incorporate the use of their elbow, forearms, knees and feet to free tension from the recipients body. Thai massage is never painful and is traditionally performed on a soft mat on the floor. Zen Thai is performed with client wearing loose and comfortable clothing.

$120 | 90 minutes

Prenatal Massage

The various phases that women transition through during pregnancy creates significant changes in the body. Utilizing safe positioning guidelines according to what trimester the client is currently in, prenatal massage assists in alleviating some of the structural and physiological conditions associated with pregnancy. Most often this treatment is performed in the side lying position, while the therapist provides pillows and bolsters for maximum comfort and support. A customized full body massage is performed with special attention to back and hip areas.

Note: Prenatal massage is for women in their 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy. This treatment is not recommended during the first trimester.

$85 | 60 minutes

$115 | 90 minutes


A deeply relaxing foot treatment that combines aromatherapy, gentle massaging techniques, and application of focused pressure to certain reflex arc/points in the foot, ankle, and calf areas.

*Can be combined with foot exfoliation/ hydration techniques for an additional charge.

$50 | 30 minutes

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Organic Facial Zen Skincare Asheville, NC

Facial Services

Our estheticians specialize in providing you with well rounded, holistic skin care services and facials, in which principles of ayurveda, nutritional counseling, and healing bodywork & massage therapy are incorporated into your customized skin care sessions. We use only the purest, botanically driven, professional skincare that is free of parabens, artificial dyes and fragrances. All facials are customized and tailored to your specific needs and goals for achieving radiant, healthy skin — so you experience a unique and specialized facial treatment each and every time you visit. 

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Zen Skincare Full Body Waxing Asheville, NC

Waxing Services

We offer full body waxing including the best Brazilian wax in Asheville! Our goal is to provide superior service using exceptional hard wax and soft wax products to provide the best results for your skin! 

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Microdermabrasion at Asheville NC Facial Day Spa


Microdermabrasion is a customizable mechanical exfoliation technique that can prove effective in treating fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmented, sun damaged areas of the skin, as well as eliminating clogged pores such as white heads and blackheads. This treatment works to reveal a smoother, healthy, and more youthful appearance. Organic crystals are used in the second phase of this facial treatment to further increase its effectiveness of smoothing fines lines and wrinkles. Hydrating masks and serums are gently massaged into the skin for deeper product penetration and optimal results.  

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What our guests are saying about our services:

Wow this place is amazing! Clean and professional without being sterile. Very at home and at ease feeling. I will keep coming back to them.


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I felt so comfortable and relaxed the entire time I was there, plus the waxing was so quick and painless. I loved the results and will be returning.


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This was my first time going to Zen and also my first time being waxed. My esthetician made me feel very comfortable.  She was great and the receptionist was also very personable. Great experience!


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