Hello all of you Zen Beauties!
We hope that you and your families are staying healthy and safe, you all have been in our hearts!!

  Let’s talk a bit about your health and the importance of self-care routines during this time. If you have ever had a facial with our team at Zen Skincare you have been introduced to a whole new level of information that has no doubt helped to support your skin’s health and increase your knowledge on how to best address your skin type and possible skin conditions. Journeying into skincare, daily regimens, and products (there are so many options out there!) can be overwhelming but also empowering. Like a good workout, a good skin cleansing, toning, and moisturizing regimen for the face can feel excitingly refreshing. You have washed away the elements/pollutants that your were exposed to during the day and seemingly, even washed away the negativity you might had experienced that day. A good cleansing and moisturizing routine helps me not only feel, but rest better in the evening! I cannot express the importance of having a healthy skincare regimen and the wonders it can do for your self care, its empowering and uplifting!

  So how can we, as skincare professionals, best support you during this emotionally challenging time in our lives? By helping to offer our expertise in areas of skincare, healthy skincare habits, and identifying anomalies in the skin such as precancerous/cancerous that may warrant further medical attention and diagnosis. We are here for you as our guest, and beloved Zen Skincare Community. You deserve the very best care and we stand by our mission and philosophy, as attentive and vigilant skincare professionals.
As always, we would like to extend our skincare knowledge to you and offer complimentary skincare consultations either via phone and/or zoom teleconference where we can see your beautiful faces and connect, which we all truly need right now like we need a big hug from one another!

  To further support building on your current skincare regimens, we are offering mini skincare kits that include, a 1oz cleanser, .5oz exfoliating enzyme/ or .5oz hydrating mask, and a .5oz moisturizer of your choice based on your skin type/condition. We can also supplement these kits with additional hydrating/correcting serums for the face if you want to step up your skincare game! Which, with the addition of these serums, can produce some dramatic improvements in your skin’s health.


MINI HOME CARE FACIAL KITS (ONLY $39.00 thru April 30th -while supplies last)

Your skin is the largest organ of the body and is needed to maintain your health! Keeping your skin healthy during this recent viral crisis is important. Stress and anxieties can create negative reactions and inflammation in our bodies and on our skin. 
This mini system will keep skin healthy and help reduce stress during this challenging time.
Completely Customizable Kits!

  1. First, select one of our Rhonda Allison Cleansers to cleanse skin of impurities and remove excess oil to prepare skin for enzyme or mask treatment. ie. Beta Green Tea, Pumpkin Cleanser, Rosemary Herbal, Citrus Gel, Skin Brightening Cleanser, Creamy Milk, or Foaming Peptide Cleanser.
  2. Next, select one of our enzymes to soften texture and reduce cellular buildup OR choose a mask to infuse vital nutrients and hydrate skin. ie. Skin Brightening Enzyme, Cherry Jubilee Enzyme, Derma Peel, Grape Seed Parfait Mask, Milk Mask, Perfection Clay
  3. Finish your Mini Home Care Facial with one of our Rhonda Allison Moisturizers to nourish the skin with protective antioxidants and deep hydration. i.e. Ultra Hydrating Moisturizer, Amino Peptide Moisturizer, Aloe Matte Moisture, Blushed Wine Gel

Call or email us to inquire about purchasing these Home Care Kits. We will ship them out to your home addresses for timely arrival and so you can continue your journey to healthy skin!

Additional Information available please contact us at:

 info@zenskincarestudio.com or (828) 712- 1079

Thank you again for your support and understanding while we navigate through this together as a community.

Love and blessings,

The Zen Skincare Team